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Supporting Women in business and STEM

As a white middle-aged woman, being a coach is the only time in my life where I have been among the majority demographic in my sector. At all other times, I've been in the minority

  • focusing on science and maths in my education

  • working in accountancy and technology consulting, and

  • running my own business

Having lived that life, and with the beauty of hindsight, there are certain things that either helped or would have helped make the journey easier. And that’s the focus of this blog.

What can help women build the life and career they want when they work in sectors where, as a woman, they are in the minority?

...and for me, that means women who choose to run their own businesses or who work in sectors that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM).


My wish is for every woman to feel empowered
to truly embrace their uniqueness,
be their authentic selves at work, and
build the life and career they want

So what support do women working in the minority need to do that?

What are the areas where a bit of support would make that more simple, manageable and comfortable?

Well, I’m afraid I can’t resist a cheesy acronym, so here we go -

  • Work/Life Balance – finding ways to achieve that

  • Others – creating the relationships you need to succeed