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Want better teamwork and relationships? What can you learn from how people work?

As you’ll know from this blog, I love the NLP communication model. It’s like having an instruction manual for people. It explains how we work, how we learn and how we process our experience and give it meaning.

In this blog I’m going to summarise some of the useful things we can learn from the model that help us with relationships and so also with teamwork.

Here's a reminder of the model.

When you consider the processor and the impact it has on how we think and how we behave...

There’s no way that the content in my processor at this moment in time can be the same as yours or anyone else’s. Even if you were my twin, we’d still have had different experiences that would have influenced what we have learnt and what’s in our processors.

You may be like me, and some of your processing may be similar to mine, but it can’t be exactly the same.

As a result...

I can’t assume that, given the same information as me, you will get the same output as me / come to the same conclusions