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Rapid therapy services for individuals

Most of the unhelpful beliefs and habits that hold us back as adults are created during childhood.

The techniques I use are surprisingly quick. They help you find and resolve the root cause of your issue, so you can feel better about your past and quickly use what you learn for a better future.

Why choose one of these services?

Therapy process

Our minds are like computers, with programmes that have been coded through our experiences to reproduce patterns of thought and behaviour. These therapeutic techniques allow you to quickly change that coding and re-programme how your mind works so that you get different patterns of thought and behaviour and better results. 

NLP techniques can be used to change the patterns and coding directly. The rapid therapies go back and address the experiences that created them, in a simple core therapy process that has benefits at each step:

  • Identify the root cause(s) of your issue that may be outside of your conscious memory. These are generally events in your childhood and later past with high emotion attached to them. Just understanding where an issue came from can be incredibly liberating as it demonstrates the reason for what can seem like irrational thoughts and behaviours. 

  • Review, reassess and reinterpret these memories to resolve them, releasing the emotion associated with them. By doing this, these old memories become emotionally flat and relationship scars are healed. When you think of these old memories again, you will no longer get pulled back into the same negative emotion that was attached to them.

  • Install new learning, beliefs, options and strategies at an unconscious level. The benefit of this is that they become part of who you are and how you behave quicker than you could achieve through conscious practice and repetition.

What are the options?

Here's a brief overview of the therapies and services I offer.  Please contact me to find out more or to talk about what option would be best for you.

Time Line Therapy

Uses the fact that your mind stores all memories by time which can be viewed as a line - your time line.


It uses mental imagery to float above and along your time line. Reviewing and visiting past events. Learning what you need to learn to let go of past emotion and the unhelpful things you learnt or decided. Installing new decisions and 'future memories'.


As with meditation, this type of mental imagery results in a very light trance that's still deep enough for the changes to be embedded in your unconscious mind. 


Reflecting on what you learnt after the session reinforces the learning for your conscious mind.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational therapy uses hypnosis and some specific techniques to complete the core therapy process. 


In trance, your unconscious mind picks the memories related to your issue. By reviewing and analysing these, your mind understands the connection with these events and your issue. Specific techniques help you resolve the memories.  


As part of the session, new choices are embedded using the power of suggestion in hypnosis. This part is recorded for you to listen to for the following 21 days. Embedding the suggestions firmly in your unconscious mind so that they easily become your new way of thinking.


Neurolinguistic Programming ("NLP")


For me, NLP is a combination of empowering attitudes and beliefs and powerful tools and techniques for bringing about rapid personal change.

I use elements of NLP in all of my services and whilst NLP is not a specific therapy, it can be used as such when the focus is specifically on the past and unravelling beliefs and patterns of thought and behaviour that were created there.

Emotional spring clean

Delivered in a single 4 hour session, we travel back in time to release the anger, sadness, fear and guilt from the memories in your past so that those same memories become 'emotionally flat'.


Thinking about those memories after the session will not have the same impact on you and you will learn things that will mean you can react differently in the future if similar situations arise.

Clients consistently say they feel lighter, like a great weight has been lifted from them.

This is a specific application of Time Line Therapy.


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Reset your mindset

Reset Your Mindset text on the book isol

Delivered as a programme of remote sessions, this personal reset introduces some key concepts from NLP and psychology designed to make life easier, takes you on a journey of self discovery, helps you define what you want in your future and sets you up so you can make that happen. 

It incorporates the Emotional spring clean, heals the scars of any past relationships and replaces unhelpful beliefs with empowering ones so that you can create the future you want without the limitations from your past.

This combines elements of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy. 

What my clients say

  • Mary is a very bubbly, confident and compassionate therapist. Just a beautiful soul. She really made me feel better about myself and I felt I could tell her everything. I really liked the fact that Mary wouldn't give up. It was quite a feat and after a few failures with other therapists, I figured I simply wasn't ready to change. I wasn't willing to at all, or rather my subconscious mind decided it wasn't going to be very co-operative. I was massively blocked but she kept digging until she found everything she needed to help me let go of my issue.

  • I had a Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Mary when I was feeling overwhelmed and disheartened following several failed rounds of IVF and during a very busy time at work. Mary was clear, calm and supportive in explaining the process to me, and helped me to feel completely at ease. Since the session I have noticed a lot of changes – I am more positive and able to enjoy life to the full. I am taking challenging situations in my stride. I am much more proactive and confident in developing my business. It is the speed of the change that really impressed me. After only a two hour session I’ve achieved more change than I feel months of psychotherapy or CBT could have created. I couldn’t recommend this experience and Mary highly enough.

  • I suffered with a severe needle phobia, which resulted in me not travelling, not having pain relief during child birth and not being able to take my child for her routine injections. I had one 2 hour time line therapy session with Mary and am totally cured. After the session I made a doctors appointment and went to hospital for a blood test. I walked in held my arm out and walked out. This is the first time in 15 years I have not had to be accompanied to hospital, and have not been tense and rigid, therefore causing the injection to hurt far more. I would thoroughly recommend Mary. She has a very personable nature and puts you completely at ease when discussing your issues.

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