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Helping you change the way you think to make success simple, manageable and comfortable

How we think impacts everything - how we feel, what we choose to do and what we achieve as a result.


And coaching is all about helping you think differently, so you can feel better, do better and achieve more, and more quickly than you might otherwise imagine possible!

How does coaching work?

Coaching creates the chance to step away from the busyness of life, to focus on just you. It provides a confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive space that gives you the freedom to explore what you really think, what you want and helps you discover different perspectives, options and actions to achieve that.


Having a series of coaching sessions helps to maintain focus on what you want and provides the opportunity to reflect and revise what you think and do until the result you want is achieved or the change you want is embedded.


The coaching relationship is an interactive one. An open, honest, trusting and collaborative partnership. With the coach encouraging, motivating and supporting you to discover new ways of looking at challenges, and discover new options and strategies.

Why have coaching?


...because it's a simple, manageable and comfortable way to

  • successfully make any individual change, develop new skills and get the results you want easier, quicker and more consistently than you can on your own.

  • find ways to apply new knowledge from training and other resources in a way that works for you and maximises your return on any investment.

  • maintain balance and clear thinking in changing, uncertain and challenging times. Times when it can be difficult to think straight on your own.

  • prevent small issues and challenges from becoming big problems by addressing them as they emerge.

  • build your capability for change and your ability to choose how you think, feel and behave from moment to moment. My clients often find that coaching helps them with other changes beyond the scope of the sessions and increases their confidence that whatever happens, they'll be able to adapt and succeed.

Coaching options

  • Individual Coaching

    • Personal coaching on a pay-as-you-go basis.

    • Corporate coaching for you or the members of your team, providing either

      • unlimited coaching per person, or

      • a fixed number of coaching sessions per 3-month period, available to be allocated or booked on-demand by anyone in the team. 

  • Group Coaching

    • For small groups of people facing common challenges or who want to focus on a particular topic (for example to explore how to apply and embed learning from a training course).

    • Group members learn through coaching and from shared experiences with the other group members.

    • Topics for each session can be set by the group or agreed in advance and can be based on topics from any of the areas outlined on the Develop for Change page.

  • Team Coaching

    • To develop how you work as a team to maximise your collective performance, increase collaboration and trust and create an environment that feels great to work in.

Corporate coaching packages are based on a 3-month period and I have a team of professional certified coaches who I work with when what you need is more than just me. 

More details can be found in the Coaching Questions and Answers.


And if you have any further questions or would like to explore coaching with me, then you can book a free, no-obligation chat via my booking page.

What my clients say

  • I would recommend some 'Mary Magic' to anyone. She is warm and constructive and I felt extremely comfortable and supported, even when I wittered on I didn't feel judged, just understood.

  • Mary coached me at a point when I felt a lot of pressure in my role. She immediately established a great rapport with me and I felt listened to and understood. She helped me with self-insight and being more thoughtful about the personalities in my team and how best to make use of their strengths. This freed up time to think more strategically and enabled me to invest more time in developing my team and giving them new opportunities, as well as allowing time and headspace to progress new projects. Mary's coaching has helped me feel confident about taking on new and different challenges. Mary was completely brilliant. I thoroughly recommend her.

  • I couldn't recommend Mary and her coaching sessions highly enough - her style is practical and friendly but she really gets you to think about the aspects you want to change and why. She has helped me to cope better under stress and to find the confidence to be the person I want to be. Her passion and knowledge for what she does is evident and makes all the difference to the outcome. She doesn't drive you to one solution - she takes you on a journey to find the right solution for you. I wasn't convinced of the benefits of coaching until I worked with Mary but working with her convinced me it was worthwhile.

  • I was fortunate enough to work with Mary at a pivotal point in my career. I had worked in Consulting for a period of time, I was performing well but simply going through the motions of delivering what was expected of me. I assumed this meant that I wasn't cut out for the job but working with Mary opened my eyes and gave me the confidence to proactively seek out my niche. I moved into my new business unit and haven't looked back. I am fortunate enough to have worked on some incredible projects and have received both Client and Consulting awards and recognition for my work, work which I am passionate about and I would not have found my way to without Mary.

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