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Individuals, Teams & Groups


Coaching is an efficient, effective and enjoyable way to bring about individual and team change. 

Coaching provides a safe, non-judgmental space to think and explore different ideas and perspectives and the support needed to embed new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Why have coaching?

  • Achieve your goals and get the results you want easier, quicker and more consistently than you can on your own​.

  • Develop win-win relationships and better engagement with colleagues, your team, stakeholders and customers​.

  • Prevent small issues from becoming big ones by addressing them as they emerge.

  • Regain balance, let off steam with someone not connected to your situation, take time out to think things through, explore different perspectives, get clarity on decisions and plans, develop options, solutions and new strategies.

  • Develop your skills and create new habits of thought and behaviour. Personalise and embed learning from your training and development activities, avoiding skill fade and maximising your return on investment.

  • Increase your self awareness and ability to choose how you think, feel and behave moment to moment. Develop the mindset to be able to face and adapt to new challenges with confidence, increasing your ability to adapt and succeed.

  • Individual Coaching

    • Video conferencing is my default as it's easy to organise and fit in around your schedule.

    • For executive coaching where a set number of sessions is agreed, there may be agreement with your organisation for your manager to join  

      • the beginning of your first session to agree public goals, and

      • the end of the last session to review progress together.

  • Group Coaching

    • For people facing common challenges or who want to focus on a particular topic (for example to embed learning from a training workshop).

    • Group members learn through coaching and from shared experiences with the other group members.

  • Team Coaching

    • Change how you work as a team to maximise your collective performance, increase collaboration and trust and create an environment that feels great to work in.

  • Mary coached me at a point when I felt a lot of pressure in my role. She immediately established a great rapport with me and I felt listened to and understood. She helped me with self-insight and being more thoughtful about the personalities in my team and how best to make use of their strengths. This freed up time to think more strategically and enabled me to invest more time in developing my team and giving them new opportunities, as well as allowing time and headspace to progress new projects. Mary's coaching has helped me feel confident about taking on new and different challenges. Mary was completely brilliant. I thoroughly recommend her.

  • I couldn't recommend Mary and her coaching sessions highly enough - her style is practical and friendly but she really gets you to think about the aspects you want to change and why. She has helped me to cope better under stress and to find the confidence to be the person I want to be. Her passion and knowledge for what she does is evident and makes all the difference to the outcome. She is realistic and practical and doesn't drive you to one solution - she takes you on a journey to find the right solution for you. I wasn't convinced of the benefits of coaching until I worked with Mary - working with her convinced me it was worthwhile.

  • I was fortunate enough to work with Mary at a pivotal point in my career. I had worked in Consulting for a period of time, I was performing well but simply going through the motions of delivering what was expected of me. I assumed this meant that I wasn't cut out for the job but working with Mary opened my eyes to the possibility that perhaps it was the right job but wrong specialism. Through our time together I had the opportunity to explore and develop a clear view of what I wanted and crucially, what I had to offer. It gave me the confidence to proactively seek out my niche and put myself forward for a transfer. I moved into my new business unit and haven't looked back. I am fortunate enough to have worked on some incredible projects and have received both Client and Consulting awards and recognition for my work, work which I am passionate about and I would not have found my way to without Mary.

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