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About me, Mary Ely, and my company Mezza 


Why I love what I do

I'm very empathetic and I've always been fascinated by how unique people are.


I love learning, solving puzzles and doing what I can to make things 'better' what I do is a perfect fit!

Ultimate goals

  • Empower as many people as I can to live an easier and more fulfilled life.

  • Improve the quality of human relationships, enabling people to work and interact together with understanding, acceptance and respect.

  • Help organisations and business change projects be enjoyable, productive and mentally healthy environments to work in.

Career and company summary

I initially qualified as a Chartered Accountant but have been doing a mixture of leading, implementing and supporting individual and business change since 1993.


As a manager with Close Brothers bank, a technology and process change consultant with PwC and as an independent consultant, coach, and therapist, setting up Mezza Ltd in 2001.

My style

Warm, open, collaborative and light-hearted.

My core belief

With enough flexibility of thought and behaviour, anything is possible! 

How did I get here?

Here's My (short) story. How and why I got into business and personal change


  • Certified Team Coach

  • Change Management Practitioner

  • Master Practioner
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming​

    • Time Line Therapy

    • Hypnosis

  • Rapid Transformational Therapist​

  • RocheMartin emotional intelligence practitioner

  • C-Me Colour Profiling Activator

  • Prince 2 Project Management Practitioner

Academic qualifications and accreditations

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - ICF Coaching Federation

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching - University of Chester

  • Chartered Accountant - Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

  • BSc Mathematics  - University of Southampton

I work in collaboration with a network of experienced coaches, facilitators and change managers.


All coaches are accredited by the International Coaching Federation and have completed a university accredited course in business and personal coaching.


We share values, high standards and a commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals and provide a supportive space in which they can do their best thinking.


Together we provide a mix of specialisms, styles and industry experience to match any specific needs. 

All my associates have business and leadership experience across a variety of sectors and functional areas.

Our aim is to make your experience of change as effective, efficient, engaging, empowering...and enjoyable as possible!

Image by Timon Studler

My Clients

Conceptual hand writing showing Everyone

My clients come from various backgrounds but are all looking to implement change, deal with change or want to develop the knowledge, skills and mindsets for change so they can stay relevant, grow and thrive in our ever-changing world.

The people I work with the most are individuals and teams leading, delivering or needing to implement business change: leadership teams, sponsors, consultants, change agents, line managers, programme and project managers, team leaders and their teams.

Example consulting clients: IBM, Advent Software inc, Oracle, SSE, UK Ministry of Defence, RWE/npower group of companies, Macromedia Inc, Adobe Inc, Advent Software Inc, Rotork.

Coaching and therapy clients from a variety of organisations including: PwC, IBM, Nationwide Building Society, Cats Protection charity, NHS, Women in Innovation award winners.


You might find the answer to your questions on my Questions and answers page, but if not, please contact me.

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