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What will you learn from your Circle of Life?

Scales are great for any development and are used a lot in coaching.

They help you reflect on

  • Where you are now

  • Where you want to be,

  • Where you're going next, and

  • How far you've come.

For example…if you think about your level of satisfaction with your work/life balance for a moment (or anything else that's on your mind)...

On a scale of 0 to 10

  • What would 0 look like?

  • What would 10 look like?

  • Where are you now?

  • Where would you like to be?

  • If you moved up one or two points on the scale,

  • What would that look like?

  • What difference would that make to you?

  • How could you do that? Think of at least 3 options.

  • So what's the plan? What are you doing to do and how will you make sure you do it?