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A variety of options to help you develop the knowledge, skills and mindsets we all need to be able to deal with and implement change well and often and succeed personally, professionally, as a team and as a business.

To implement and deal with change, we need to develop

  • Key personal qualities,

  • Interpersonal skills, and

  • Some specific knowledge, skills, mindsets and strategies to deal with common change challenges.

Personal qualities


Eliminate the blockers - unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour that hold you back, like perfectionism, imposter syndrome and procrastination, and

Develop Emotional Intelligence a mix of qualities, widely recognised as being essential for professional success and leadership excellence, but also key for our personal lives and our ability to implement and deal with change

  • Self-reliance - having the power to develop ideas, choose between options and make decisions.


  • Empathy - being able to pick up on how others are feeling and see things from their perspective.


  • Relationship skills and Straightforwardness - two qualities of emotional intelligence that I roll up into "relationship and communication skills" (below).


  • Optimism - the mindset that fuels resilience and the can-do attitude needed to overcome challenges and find possibilities and new options in the face of adversity.


  • Confidence - feeling good about yourself and your abilities. Able to stay relaxed and  take action without fear, knowing that you'll cope with whatever happens.


  • Adaptability and Self Control - I like to combine these into "Personal Power" - being able to choose how you think, feel and behave moment to moment, even when situations trigger unhelpful thoughts or negative emotions such as overwhelm, stress, anger, hurt, sadness, fear, anxiety or guilt.


  • Self-Actualisation - knowing what you want and being able to generate the motivation and commitment to take action to get it. 

  • Self Awareness - being aware of what drives you, your beliefs, strategies, strengths, abilities, behaviour preferences and emotions, and the impact they have on how you feel and the results you get.

Interpersonal skills 

  • Relationship and communication skills Use my simple 'SOAR' approach to create more collaborative win-win relationships, develop your influence and impact and ability to manage conflict.

  • C-me colour profiling Using the language of colour to understand your own and others' behaviour preferences and develop a deeper understanding of how to work and communicate effectively with your teammates.

  • Leadership skills Become an emotionally intelligent, authentic, flexible, inclusive and empowering leader. 

  • Team Effectiveness Develop and maintain the 5 key ingredients that create high performing, teams that feel great to work in.

  • Speaking to groups Be comfortable speaking up, being authentically you and creating a connection with your audience.

Tackling specific challenges

  • Change Management - principles and practices Maximise the chances of project success by embedding change management principles and practices into your organisation. 

  • Leading through business change Understand the challenges your team will face and how to support them through it.

  • Thriving as a Woman in STEM Embrace your uniqueness and build the life and career you want in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths where, as women, we are still in the minority.

  • Career and life choices and changes Understand what you need to consider to make sure that whatever you do is aligned with who you really are and what you really want. 

  • Resilience and Time, Stress and work/life balance management Basic survival skills for a changing world...and particularly during business change projects! 

  • Understanding and proactively addressing stress So you can avoid the financial, commercial and human costs of stress and help your teams perform at their best more of the time.

  • Strategies to deal with new situations, uncertainty and complex times  Understanding what you need to do to maintain perspective and how to develop new strategies, options and solutions that restore your sense of direction and control.

A variety of options to help you and your team develop 

A variety of options to introduce ideas, share knowledge and invite you and your team to experiment with different perspectives and develop the knowledge skills and mindsets most useful to you

  • Blogs - sharing my knowledge, ideas and perspective on things.

  • Talks or webinars - add opportunity for some experimentation.

  • Workshops - allow deeper participation, active reflection and feedback.

  • Mentoring - sharing my experience, perspective and opinions. Offering advice and guidance and discussing what you might want to consider given your specific situation. 

  • Coaching (group, team or individual)

    • Providing personalised learning and incorporating feedback loops over time that embed the change.

    • As all change is highly individual, this is the most effective way to develop knowledge and change the way we think, feel and behave.

    • Incorporating coaching with other learning options will maximise the return on your investment.

What my clients say

  • Mentoring I just wanted to thank you for all you taught me when we worked together on a number of business change projects. I am working as a senior operations controller and am also "integration manager" for the new business we have bought. I remembered back to the best practice I learned from you all those years ago and just wanted to email you to say thank you and it works.

  • Talks/Webinars Brilliant speaker - interesting, informative and practical. Really personable and gave good real life examples. Simple takeaways with something for everyone.

  • Workshops I found Mary likeable, genuine, funny and engaging. She created a relaxed, open and honest space in which to participate. She is clearly very knowledgeable in this field and I like the recommendations she gave for further learning/reading. I liked how open she was with her own experiences and she was great at answering/discussing various questions and topics as they arose. I left feeling inspired and motivated to make some changes.

  • Business change consulting and mentoring Mary transformed the approach to change management, simplifying the approach, making it more effective, and managing key stakeholders. "Drive" and "determination" are two of Mary's key strengths, and she brought them in spades to the project.

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