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Using the Magic Triad to change how you feel...more confident for example

What's the Magic Triad and why should I give it a go?

The Magic Triad comes from the NLP communication model which I cover in more detail in this blog but here are the basics...

Here's a picture of the model

Working from left to right, it shows how as humans, we work a lot like computers:


- some information comes in. What's going on?

Internal Computer

- this is our mind. We process the information about what's going on using

  • the existing programmes and stored data in our minds (which comes from everything we have experienced and learned to date), and

  • other variables like the amount of energy we have at the time or how we are already feeling.

The Magic Triad

- the processing results in some output.

  • What we say to ourselves about what's happening (e.g. nightmare, amazing),

  • How we feel (e.g. stressed, excited), and

  • What happens to our bodies (e.g. tense shoulders, butterflies in our tummies)


- we use that output to decide what to say or do (e.g. retreat, dive right in)


- we get some results / feedback based on what we did.

And this is really handy for personal change as it gives us a number of ways to change our behaviour, which will change the results we get.

Let's use a confidence as an example as I'm sure we've all had a time when we don't feel very public speaking for example or doing anything new for the first time.

The NLP Communication Model gives us 3 ways to change how we feel.

We can

Change the Information

Do something to change the situation directly

  • e.g. avoid the situation that we don't feel confident about. Not a particularly empowering choice.

Change the Internal Computer processing

Change how we interpret the situation. Change our perspective or attitude to what's going on

  • e.g. learn something that will mean we feel confident in this sort of situation.

Use the Magic Triad to change the output of our normal processing

If we find ourselves not feeling confident, work with the magic triad to change how we feel in the moment.

The Magic Triad (being a triad) also gives us 3 ways to change the way we feel, so we can feel the way we want to moment to moment.

And that's what's in the rest of this blog, so let's play...

Using the Magic Triad for feeling confident in the moment

Think of a situation where you lack confidence to use for your experiment.

Something you have coming up, or something that's had that impact on you in the past that may happen again in the future.