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Developing Straightforwardness

RocheMartin defines Emotional Intelligence by a set of 10 competencies and this is one in a series of blogs covering each one.

Straightforwardness is acknowledging that others may think differently from you and being able to calmly and clearly explain your perspective

The 3 components of Straightforwardness are

  • Self-Control

  • Self-Control is a competency in its own right and means that you can control your emotions so they don't impact how you will think, listen or communicate.

  • It also means recognising that you are in control of you and only you. You can't, don't need to and don't try to exert control on anyone else. And equally, you don't feel that you need to give away control of you to anyone else.

  • Assertiveness

  • Being willing to explain your opinion, what you believe and what's important to you.

  • Acknowledging others

  • Accepting that others may think, act, communicate and make choices that are different to you.

  • Being willing to consider different perspectives and respond accordingly.

To find out more and why it's so important, have a look at this blog.

Ideas for developing Straightforwardness

  • Developing Self-Control

  • Learn about people

  • Coaching