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Getting a-head in golf

As you can probably guess from the slightly corny title, this blog is about

how to get ahead in golf by getting a head for golf

...all rolled into one.

How changing the way you think can lead to better scores and more fun out on the course

It’s based on something I delivered with my fabulous and patient golf coach John Jacobs in support of a charity golf day.

So rather than just coming from a humble amateur like me, it is backed up by the experience of a great professional golfer.

It’s all based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what I’ve been using to get my head in the game for the last 20+ years.

It’s also another example of how to use the Magic Triad that I shared in this blog.

So first…

It’s time to remember that you’re in control

Your golf doesn’t control you, only you can control you.

When your golf isn’t going so great, you don’t HAVE TO chuck your golf clubs around, smash them into the ground, sulk or fill the air with foul language.