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Moving Forward - current challenges and how coaching and therapy can help

Coaching and therapy - how do they help generally?

If you've never had coaching or therapy before, it can be hard to get how they work or how they help with anything, so here's my take on them.

Both work on the same principle

For example

  • Optimists think everything will work out ok. They tend to be happy as a result and they are likely to keep going.

  • Pessimists think things will go wrong. They err on the side of feeling fear or gloom as a result and are more likely to give up.


Helps you uncover how your current thinking is making you feel and behave. And then it helps you change your thinking so you can feel better and behave differently.

Rapid therapy techniques

Examine the past to find out how you came to think a certain way in the first place, unpicks that, and then installs a different way of thinking, so you can feel better and behave differently.

Neither involve telling or advising. Only listening, questioning and sharing knowledge and perspectives. Helping you to expand your thinking, figure out what needs to change, what you need to do, and providing the support you need to do that.