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Developing Self-Knowing

RocheMartin defines Emotional Intelligence by a set of 10 competencies and this is one in a series of blogs covering each one.

Self-Knowing, means you understand how you think AND you understand how the way you think impacts how you feel, your body language, your choices, your behaviour, your results and the impact you have on the people and things around you.

The 3 components of Self-Knowing are

  • Emotional awareness

  • Being able to recognise your emotions/how you are feeling.

  • Understanding how different emotions affect your choices, opinions and judgements.

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Understanding the way that how you think and feel impacts your facial expressions and body language.

  • Behavioural awareness

  • Understanding and noticing how what you think and how you behave as a result (what you say and do) impacts your environment and others around you,

To find out more and why it's so important, have a look at this blog.

A few ideas to increase your Self-Knowing

  • Absorb the manual and customise it for you!

  • Reflect and experiment

  • Discover your values

  • Make use of assessments

  • Coaching