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Developing Optimism

RocheMartin defines Emotional Intelligence by a set of 10 competencies and this is one in a series of blogs covering each one.

Optimism is seeing the positive and finding the opportunity in every experience...which allows you to bounce back from the ones that haven't gone the way you wanted or expected!

The 3 components of Optimism are

  • Opportunity sensing

  • Always on the lookout for opportunities that can move you forward to your vision or that are in line with what is important to you.

  • Positive mood

  • Able to maintain a focus on the positive that creates and sustains a good mood and creates energy.

  • Resilience

  • The ability to bounce back quickly, fuelled by a belief that every experience is an opportunity to learn. Even the ones that don't go to plan or turn out as you hoped.

  • This allows you to maintain Self-Control, another emotional intelligence competency: whatever's happened, you can maintain focus on the task at hand rather than get swept away by any negative emotions like fear or disappointment.

To find out more and why it's so important, have a look at this blog.

A few ideas to increase your Optimism

  • Choose the yellow lenses!

  • There is no failure only feedback...and feedback is a gift!

  • Allow yourself to accept the nicer view

  • Change your explanatory style