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Change perspective to unlock potential

Changing perspective is the basic tool for all change

  • Looking at any situation from a different perspective opens up new possibilities.

  • Understanding your own and others’ perspectives paves the way for collaborative, synergistic relationships.

Understanding perspective

We all have our own perspective, our own unique way of seeing things.

It’s built up from everything we believe and value and everything we have learnt and experienced up to this moment in time.

As a result, our perspective is unique to us. It may be similar to some people and radically different to others.

When we’re faced with a situation, we use our perspective and the information we have available to us at the time, to make what we believe are the right conclusions, judgments and decisions. And we act accordingly.

We may look back sometimes and recognise that, with different information or different circumstances in the moment (more energy, a different mood, a slightly different focus etc), we may have reached a different conclusion. But in the moment, we always get to what we think is best or ‘right’

…and so does everyone else!