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3 reasons individual stress is bad for business...and particularly projects

There are lots of good business reasons for tackling the causes of stress at work and providing support for your teams, including having a duty of care for people's mental health, having a reputation as an employee of choice and better employee engagement.

But in this blog, I'm going to focus on the 3 slightly 'grittier' or 'hard' reasons,

Individual stress is bad for business as it results in

  • Increased cost

  • Disruption (decreased productivity)

  • Decreased performance and productivity

1. Increased cost

This (frankly quite alarming) Deloitte report includes lots of information that makes the case for actively investing in your employees' mental health.

The report was issued in January 2020 and I dread to think what may happen to the figures in the next few years following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.