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Making change simple, manageable ...and as comfortable as possible

Helping you

  • Implement change

  • Deal with change

  • Develop for change

and unlock the potential in you, your team and your business

The Challenge

We live in a complex, demanding and rapidly changing digital world.


In business, digital transformation projects are everywhere. We need to keep up, engage with new technology or risk being left behind. Maintaining business as usual while implementing change.

We need skills like innovative thinking, adaptability, resilience, flexible and inclusive leadership, emotional intelligence and excellent relationship skills that allow us to collaborate and work in teams with all sorts of different people.

We want to be happy and have balance. At work and at home, with the time and energy to pursue our interests and feel we are growing, fulfilling our potential and making the most of our lives.

The Answer? 

We all need to be good at change!

Our ability as individuals, teams and businesses to not only survive but thrive in the world depends on our ability to deal with change and adapt quickly. And much of our success depends on how we think and how we relate to others.

To really thrive and maximise our potential, we need to be able to 

Implement Change

Make the changes we need to get the results we want as quickly and easily as possible

Deal with Change

Maintain balance, focus and clear thinking through changing, challenging or uncertain times

Develop for Change

Develop the knowledge, skills and mindsets for ongoing success in an ever changing world

Why work with me?

I use everything I've learnt over many years to help individuals, teams and businesses master the 3 key elements of change that help them unlock their potential.


Making change simple, easy and as comfortable as possible!


Mary Ely

Nickname: Mezza

Owner of Mezza Ltd

  • I have more than 25 years' experience of working with individuals and teams in technology, process and business change projects across many different geographies, sectors and areas of business.

  • I have specialised skills to support individuals and help them make simple, effective and transformational change in their personal and professional lives through coaching and specific therapeutic techniques.

  • My clients say I'm easy to work with and by working with me, they develop mindsets and skills that help them beyond their immediate goals. They recognise and value the impact my knowledge and experience has on their progress and they like my relaxed attitude and collaborative style.

  • I have a network of professional, highly skilled and ICF accredited coaches that I work with when you need more than one coach.

  • All solutions can be delivered remotely.


You're unique and so is my approach. I'll work with you to figure out the support you need based on the outcome you want and the specific details of your situation. 


Individuals, Teams and Groups


Workshops, Talks and Business Change Consulting & Mentoring

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