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Chameleon close up. Multicolor Beautiful

Success is easy when you make change simple, manageable and comfortable

Helping you

  • Implement change

  • Deal with change

  • Develop for change

and unlock the potential in you, your team and your business

Chameleons. Pretty interesting looking animals and brilliant at change!


Instantly and instinctively changing the appearance of their skin when they sense a change in their environment.


Their survival depends on their ability to change.


And so does ours but in a slightly different way. 

As individuals, teams and businesses, if our aim is to not only survive but thrive, we need to master the 3 elements of change:

Deal with Change

Maintain balance, focus and clear thinking through changing, challenging or uncertain times

Implement Change

Make the changes we need to get the results we want as quickly and easily as possible

Develop for Change

Develop the knowledge, skills and mindsets for ongoing success in an ever changing world

...and my solutions help you do that - tailored to fit your unique needs

Why work with me?

Because change can be tricky for us humans and I've been focused on finding ways to make it simple, easy and comfortable for most of my life. 


Mary Ely

Nickname: Mezza

Owner of Mezza Ltd

I understand business and technology change. I've been supporting individuals and teams through the challenges these projects bring since 1993. With experience that covers many different geographies, sectors, business functions, technologies and roles.

I have specialised skills to help individuals quickly make simple, effective and transformational changes in their personal and professional lives through coaching and specific therapeutic techniques.

My clients find me easy to work with, like my collaborative style, and say they develop mindsets and skills that help them beyond the immediate goals they achieve by working with me. 

I tailor my solutions to fit what my clients need and have a network of professional and highly skilled coaches, facilitators and change managers that I work with when what you need is more than just me.

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